Would I like to be a Research Technician?

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As a soon to be graduated BS Biology major I have been scouring the internet looking for something I could do with my degree near my home. It seems what I would like to do, at this point in my life, is to do lab work. What I found was the term Research Technician, which is also called Research Assistant and/or Lab Assistant.

In general, to become a Research Technician one must have an Associate’s degree in the sciences and/or scientific technology. In some cases a Bachelor’s degree in a related field is required. Experience in the related field is preferred, may be required.

According to Charlotte Schubert, in her article How working as a research technician can bolster your scientific career, “Research technicians in academia, industry, the non-profit sector and government do much of the daily leg-work of science. Their tasks include analyzing soil or rock samples, testing medical devices, helping to design bioreactors and optimizing the shelf life of reagents” (Schubert, Nature 560, 517-519, 2018). 

From what I’ve read, this type of job would be great for me coming out of college with a list of many skills which may need to be expanded upon in some places and more refined in others. Gathering techniques and experiences in a variety of subjects is what I would be after here, and a decent pay…

I believe I would enjoy this type of job, as long as the employers are okay with mistakes sometimes. I need to learn and I may be a bit clumsy at the start but I would find my footing and excel if given time.


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