If I Couldn’t Fail

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I would love to do some sort of ecological research. As for a focus I have a couple options. I am interested in: plant communication, mycorrhizae, invasive species, gastropods, disease mechanisms. I have found all of these interests through taking classes here at Keene State College, and I would like to continue to find more interests and explores these more after I graduate. 

Where does this leave me? I know I do not want to teach, yet. I also know that I do not want to pursue graduate school, yet. From what I have gathered in my time searching for jobs I would be interested in and from those I have talked to, the idea of working as an ecologist of some sort would require a graduate school degree or a Bachelor’s in ecology. As for continuing taking classes, if I work for a school as a research assistant or a lab manager I may be able to audit courses or even take some of these courses. 

I understand that with being unable to fail I could and probably should dream bigger than a research assistant, but as of right now that is what I would like to do. Finding a research assistant job that pays well enough for me to be independent would be wonderful, but I don’t know the likelihood of that happening. Additionally, it would be convenient if I could take public transport or was close enough to my work to avoid getting a car. 

Working as a research assistant or a lab manager at a collegiate school may not be most people’s dream job, but as of now it is mine. Later in my life, with all that I have learned in my time being a research assistant/ lab manager I believe that I will discover what my dream job is and that I will have the confidence and skills to work towards getting said job. Then with that work I may find another path to work towards.

I hopefully have a long life ahead of me. I hope to fill that life with many diverse experiences that I will be proud to share during the time and later on in my life. I hope I will make the time to advocate for things that I care about, make time for friends, have a cat. 

Scratch all of that. I want to be financially stable enough to have a cat. That works for me. 

Maeve In a Box by Doug Ericson

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