Final Reflection

admin Senior Seminar

Coming into Senior Seminar and Senior Year I was worried, and quite lost. I came in with the most basic of resumes and no clear direction. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my degree and no idea what I could do. Everyone said that I had so many options with my major, but when I looked it looked as though I was not qualified for any of the jobs I searched for. 

During the semester came some blog posts, and the occasional twitter conversation and/or live tweeting event. But what I mostly did for this class was look at job listings and companies, talk to professors about job opportunities, and visit the Career Advising sessions. These activities helped me narrow my job search and even find job titles that are more suited for me. Additionally, I got some more information on companies in New Hampshire that I was interested in. Most of my time this semester was spent in lab, working on my data analysis project, and working on my plant biology experiment. These big projects took a lot out of me, but I gained many skills and refined those I already had. I need to build my resume, these tasks were my way of doing that this semester. 

Now, just before my final exam period for Senior Seminar I think of all that I have accomplished this semester and what I need to do after all my work is done. What I need to do first is to rest. This semester took a lot out of me, I need some recovery time. Then I want to contact some of the companies I was interested in, see if I can get a tour of the place or an “informational interview”. I may need to get my resume in a good place before I do that though. My next goal is to get my resume to where I would like it to be. Those are my tasks for Winter Break and beyond. Wish me luck!

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