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Throughout my academic career I have been trying to find out what exactly I want to do with my life. For right now I just want to find a way to provide for myself. As for where I want to go I do not have a preference, for now I should stay near my parents just in case something goes terribly wrong. So finding what I want to do in New Hampshire will be difficult but it is the safer option for me right now. I tried to find something I could do with my degree that can be found everywhere and with some help from the people running the Career Clinic at Keene State College I started looking into being a clinical lab technician or a clinical lab technologist.

A clinical lab technologist requires a B.S in medial technology or life sciences and may require licensing. A lab technician requires an associates and licensing.

Licensing usually requires work in an approved site and an examination.

To start I need to find somewhere nearby that is hiring for those positions.

Then I need to fulfill the hiring requirements.

set up an interview.

Hopefully get a job!

If that pathway does not work out then looking for the Biologist, Chemist, Lab Technician, Research Associate jobs that are more available in Southern New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

These jobs may need lab experience, some do not for those with Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. These jobs will be heavy in lab skills.

If I find something I am interested in, I will want to hone my skills that are related to the field. If they are working with DNA, for example, I may want to get some more experience with PCR.

The steps will then be similar to those listed for the Clinical Lab Technician/Technologist.

I have some options. I just need to figure out what I am more interested in and what I can afford to do.


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